First Blubs Has Been Discontinued. Long Live SPEECH BLUBS!

Today, we have an important announcement to make! Technically, it’s just an app update, but it’s also so much more. Our new app is called Speech Blubs. It’s voice controlled, contains over 300+ practices, videos, activities and what not! A game changer! Download from the App Store.

The last several months here at Blub Blub have been spectacular. The success of our First Blubs app was overwhelming. Parents and experts on Speech delay, SPD, Apraxia, Down Syndrome, and Autism report: “this could be one of the best tools for stimulating sound production ever devised“.

Our app achieved an average 4.7 rating in the US App Store and has been used over 150,000 times. On the best days, we rank as the #1 speech therapy app in the US App Store. We’ve received a ton of feedback from thousands of children, parents, and therapists and decided to make a leap further and build something even bigger, richer and more effective:

  • 300+ practices, videos, and activities curated by certified therapists.
  • 3 sections: 1. Early Sounds, 2. Mouth Gym and 3. First Words
  • Voice control which makes practicing super engaging
  • Funny hats. 55 real-time special effects. That’s 55 opportunities to role play with your child.
  • Fact videos. Content that triggers conversations, a powerful storytelling device.
  • Stickers. Yaaay! Fill up your sticker book as you progress.
  • Candies! Yup, we have it all 🙂

The updated app in no longer just for triggering first sounds, so we gave it a more suitable name – SPEECH BLUBS.

The new app features 3 sections and we are busy developing new content as we speak:

1 – Early Sounds
Teaching a child to imitate words often begins with teaching them how to imitate the sounds of animals, machines and other objects. The activities were designed to engage parents and children into playing with sounds. 

2 – Mouth Gym
Speech therapists from around the world asked us to include oral practices. These increase oral muscle awareness, coordination, strength, the range of motion and endurance. In order to smile, chew, swallow and speak properly, children need to develop all sorts of motor skills using their tongue, lips, and cheeks. 

3 – First Words
This section was built to encourage your child to imitate speech and learn words. The words are carefully chosen and the content prepared in a fun way that guides the child from early sound play into producing their first words. Each word uncovers a head mask and a set of contextually relevant facts and silly videos.

Peer video modeling and self-modeling are scientifically proven methods for picking up new skills and behaviors. Children observe peers on video, which fires up their mirror neurons and starts the imitation process of making different sounds. Video modeling is proven to be highly effective when it comes to speech development and our app is one of the first on the market utilizing this method in an effective way.

Based on the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association’s speech and language milestones, a parent can quickly check to see if their child is roughly on par with their age group with the use of the Quick Speech Screener tool.

Therapists told us they’d like to use the app with more than one child.  Our new app features additional users and the ability to quickly switch between them. Simply add your child’s name and keep track of the statistics, quick speech screener results and sticker book progress for each of the children using the app.

Users can start out with a 7-day free trial, during which they get full access to unlocked content and enough time to test out the app with their children or patients.

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