Guess What? Introducing a new section in Speech Blubs

Since our launch day (June 7th) we’ve been quite busy here at Blub Blub. The Speech Blubs app is now featuring more than 500 original practices, sounds, words, facts, pictures and videos. And guess what? Today we updated the app with an entirely new section. It’s called “Guess What?”! It aims to help children’s brains connect spoken words with a concept and a meaning behind it. 
How does it work?

  1. Opening the section, you will be presented with a set of empty stickers.
  2. Pressing any of the empty stickers will open up a video of a child model that is repeating a particular word (e.g. Duck).
  3. After a few seconds, 3 stickers will appear. One showing the correct word (e.g. a picture of a duck) and two showing something different (e.g. elephant, giraffe).

It’s worth pressing the incorrect answers, as they produce funny noises. Pressing the correct answer will put the sticker into the sticker book. Woopie!

And that’s not even all there is to it. Every sticker is hiding a video story about the word. This way the Guess What section becomes a never ending source of stories.

What is the “Guess What” section good for?

While holding the sound of a word in their working memory the children have to scan the three options which stimulates their logical and deductive reasoning. Therefore, children are trying to identify the correct picture which strengthens their visual, auditory processing, and comprehension skills.

Watching the video of the model will also heighten receptive skills.

A visual and sound reference of the model’s face wakes up the mirror neurons. Merely watching those videos is enhancing a child’s ability to mimic and create sounds and words.

Playing the activity as designed is also a natural exercise in listening comprehension.

Learning how to pronounce a word and understanding the concept behind it will boost their expressive language skills.

Guess What is also a speech and auditory discrimination activity, built on children’s listening skills by developing greater awareness of differences between words. Learning to recognize these differences will be useful for understanding spoken language and absolutely increase children’s vocabulary.

Many young children have a short attention span. The Guess What section also aims to extend the time a child is able to focus on a single activity. This skill alone will help a child understand and learn the language more easily.

If you are reading this on your Apple* phone or tablet, follow this link to open Speech Blubs.


We are rolling out ANDROID this September! Woop Woop!

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