Big news: Your child needs more face-to-face interaction

UPDATE May 1st 2017:
Our app is now called SPEECH BLUBS

Blub, blub, blub, blub!!! We are super happy to announce First Blubs. It’s an app for all of those children who are just starting to learn the skill of imitation. Download it from the App Store and give it a try! (Android users, please sign-up here)

But first, let’s start off with some reasoning behind why we’ve built it.

Have you ever observed how the animated mouths in various cartoons and games actually move?cartoon_gif

Does this look like the PROPER use of mouth and tongue to you? Of course it doesn’t! And guess what? Your child is observing these erroneous movements all the time, while watching cartoons or playing games.

To really understand why this could be a big problem, here’s what scientists have to say about mirror neurons:

Humans acquire new skills (like speech) by MIRRORING other humans. This means that when we observe the behavior of another person (model), our mirror neurons fire in the exact same areas, as though we were performing that behavior ourselves. (Source)

So in fact, every time your child is observing faulty or erroneous speech models, he or she is actually acquiring the wrong speech patterns.
Maybe that’s why delayed speech has become such an epidemic. Speech and language therapists across the world are noticing more and more “late talkers”. One out of every three children needs professional help with language and speech development, and that number is rising by 10% year-on-year.

The cure for this disease is simple. We all know it. A child needs less screen time with animated cartoons and games and more REAL FACES and activities.

Yes, yes, I know… Technology is bad for children!
Of course that’s not true. It has been noted time after time that a child who uses screens gets smarter. The solution lies not in banning technology, but in the proper dosing. We simply need to make sure that there’s a time limit involved and that a child spends as much time as possible actually “facing” and mirroring other people.

But let’s go back to our app.

First Blubs is an app that encourages children to imitate. Whether you want to work on your child’s early speech development, or if they’re a late talker (Speech Delay), you might wanna try it out. It’s a video app where your child faces other children who imitate animals. We’ve put the imitation in context, so that the app is filled with animal facts, fun videos… etc.

So far the results have been phenomenal!
We’ve seen toddlers go from being completely silent to mimicking their first sounds in just a matter of days. Children seem to be motivated to imitate and experts (including speech and language therapists, pathologists, as well as child psychologists), say we’ve created an app that is actually the next best thing to real life, face-to-face interaction.

We are also super happy about the results we’ve seen with a couple of Down Syndrome affected children who have tested the app. Using First Blubs calmed them down, and after just a couple of First Blubs powered sessions they started (slowly, but surely) mimicking animal sounds. Huh! Just got goose bumps!

How it works:
When you download the app you’ll notice 22 animal stickers.
Tapping an animal sticker (e.g. cow) brings you:

  • A video of a child imitating a cow
  • Head prop cow horns, so your child becomes that cow
  • Wacky videos
  • Conversation starters (e.g. video of a cow licking it’s nose. ‘Can you lick your nose too?’)

What’s next?
This is just the beginning, so stay tuned. We are on a mission to revolutionize the way kids learn how to speak.

Try it out and give us your feedback. Rate us on the App Store or say

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