Blub Blub inc. is a team of parents, digital experts, and speech therapists aiming to revolutionize the way kids learn to speak and tackle some of the biggest challenges in children’s speech & language development.

With one out of four children needing professional help with their speech development and the problem growing year-on-year, therapists simply cannot keep up. In some countries, parents and their children have to wait for up to 24 months to start receiving therapy.

Meanwhile, devices are babysitting an entire generation of children. The rise of gadgets is blamed for a 5% to 10% rise in speech problems every year. Speech delay has become an epidemic, with children entering schools that are unable to articulate a complete sentence.

There’s simply not enough therapists out there to handle the situation. Our mission is to put children’s screen time to good use and give parents, caregivers and speech therapists the tools to work more effectively.

Phone: +386-41-888-980
Founders: Jernej FuzirMitja Mavsar, Dal Rupnik and Karlo Medjugorac

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